Attorney Education

Monday, June 28, 2021
1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

New Jersey Association for Justice

The American Citizen-Lawyer: Who Are We Anyway?
Roy D. Curnow, Esq. • Spring Lake Heights, NJ


Catch me on June28th at @newjerseyjustice’s #BoardwalkSeminar, where I’ll be lecturing on ethics. To register, go to  #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar

I’ll be discussing “The American Citizen-Lawyer: Who Are We Anyway?” – just one of many of in-depth educational lectures on ethics and professionalism. Join me and obtain MCLE credits and network amongst peers – hope to see you there! To register, go to #BoardwalkSeminar #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar

We’re almost ready for you at #BoardwalkSeminar 2021! Register now for a chance to sit in on my lecture on June 28th. Program information and registration at #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar

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