Social Security Disability Attorney Serving Monmouth County

The Law Offices of Roy D. Curnow assists clients with their applications for Social Security Disability benefits. The firm handles appeals for persons who are denied Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits. We help our clients present their disability to the Social Security Administration, Administrative Law Judges and Federal Court in order to obtain the benefits that they are allowed.

small_elder_01In Social Security Disability appeals, you must establish that you have paid a portion of your wages into Social Security sufficient to entitle you to benefits. While working, you earn credits toward Social Security benefits. If you obtain enough credits to entitle you to disability benefits, you then must establish that you have a severe medical impairment or condition that would prevent you from performing any type of work. At the Law Offices of Curnow & Stripto, we have experience helping clients with all types of disabilities obtain Social Security Disability benefits. We handle claims for persons with orthopedic injuries, breathing problems such as asthma or COPD, heart conditions, arthritis, psychiatric conditions and all other medical conditions or illnesses that would prevent them from being gainfully employed.

We also handle claims for Supplemental Security Income benefits. These benefits are paid to people who have not earned sufficient quarters to be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, but they can establish that they are disabled under Social Security’s regulations and they are financially needy. The standards to obtain these benefits are the same as Social Security Disability, but we must also establish that you are financially needy enough to be entitled to these benefits.

The Law Offices of Roy D. Curnow handles Social Security matters on a contingency fee basis. If we do not obtain disability benefits for you, we are not entitled to a legal fee for our services. If we are successful in obtaining benefits, Social Security must approve our fee prior to any fee being paid to the office.

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